gallery 5 - Polaroid manipulation
'29 Ford Roadster
'57 Chevy
Wild Pony (MM)
'55 Ford Pick Up
Fantasy cottage
Flowers And Chickens
Bird Of Paradise
The Bronco
Buffalo Ranch
Hearns Pond
Pots With Flowers
Stairway Cafe'
Fells Point Bench
Empire State Bldg.
The Nursery
Two Geishas
Mexican Men
La Mancha
Passing Parade
Pumpkin Time
Doors In Fells Point
Behind The Casbah
Watermellon Sale
Road to Elkins
Trainer With Horses
The Teepee
At The Pond
Waiting For The Ferry
Ocean City View
Plaza De Espana
Lahaina Boat
Santorini Pier
'31 Ford Coupe
By The Ruins
Resting In Paris
Albaicin Spain
Town In Spain
Costa Del Sol
Beach In Malaga
Camel In Moroco
Mayan Ruins
Tree In Talum
Poulsbo Corner
Country Road
Tagart Valley River
River In Elkins
London Bridge
Belington October
Road To Mill Creek
Hickory Acres Farm